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The CogNovo Foundation

The CogNovo Foundation is a network of researchers from all around the globe working to advance Cognitive Innovation, an umbrella-term for creativity, innovation, learning, development, and adaptation.

The CogNovo Foundation builds on the training programme, a Marie Składowska Curie Actions-funded doctoral training programme at Plymouth University which started in 2013. is radically interdisciplinary and international, providing an environment for 25 PhD students and about 50 supervisors and partners from academia and industry to combine methodologies and research questions from disciplines such as Robotics, the Arts, Psychology, Computer Science, Humanities, Linguistics, and Neuroscience. The multidisciplinary approach, fostered through the environment of and many partners and visitors we attracted to contribute to the doctoral training, has evolved into what we believe is a transdisciplinary research system.

The CogNovo Foundation at creates the environment to keep this type of work alive. One of the goals of is to provide a safe haven and infrastructure for projects willing to take on the challenges and earn the benefits of multiple disciplineary research, particularly on the overarching topic of Cognitive Innovation. We also aim to repeat and keep developing a series of intensive research events we have been running in the past three years under the name "Off the Lip". Finally, we want to provide the means of communicating multiple disciplinary research output for the members and associates of the CogNovo Foundation in the form of newsletters, websites, podcasts, and publications in a similar form as we have done since 2013.

We are currently in the process of transitioning CogNovo from a doctoral training centre into the foundation. In time for this year’s AVANT special issue on "Collaborative Approaches to Cognitive Innovation" we provide this short text as a placeholder while we keep working in the background on shaping the CogNovo Foundation. Please get in contact if you have questions, want to contribute, or become an associate of the Foundation.

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We are sending out a monthly newsletter with the latest information from our network. This includes calls for conferences and publications as well as achievements from our members.